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Originally Posted by WindyDrew View Post
I'm going to modify mine to get rid of the training wheels and go with 2 steering wheels​. So more of a tadpole. It should be very aerodynamic and thinking it will only need a small engine, but I'm thinking 1500 Goldwing engine would make it a powerhouse and still get 50-100mpg.
more aerodynamic than a bike so likely better

did you mean front wheels like the following.

This was an industrial design student final exam concept model based on Norton Commando. The students name was Simpson but I dont recal much else. Its an up and down tandem but the rear was very cramped. 1/2 wheel steer and proper looking wheel spats.

this might be a handy resource in working with mc engines:

Total Motorcycle Fuel Economy Guide in MPG and L/100km

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