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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
I'd settle for an amphibian:

Electrically insulative basalt fiber hull with electric AWD and hydrojets.
When you get down to it its actually a very difficult thing to do, so while they seem a simple solution, for other than the Type 166 production they are rare. Yes you do need AWD and also a takeoff for a prop, because as the Germans discovered depending on wheels as paddles doesnt cut it.

So they built quite a complex two ended transmission necessary for 4WD, and had another problem accommodating the folding prop drive, probably off the end of the engine.

In that way it shares the same power issues as car/airplane, as it also needs the additional power takeoff. The thing that always troubled me though was that all the suspension and shaft seals, as all that stuff is underwater. Where the flying car is just the adaption of a body that can transform into a workable wing, but has half the transmission issues.

Even if you made it water tight for the body, which seems broadly achievable, I dont know about all the moving sliding shafts and axles, brake parts etc. In the end they are going to be a maintenance nightmare.

Beginning with a 166 layout using electrics as you describe, or hydraulics (I think I'd prefer the latter) are probably the best ways to go though.

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