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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
I'd call that arguable.
I can appreciate why ppl see it that way, after all, IMO there are no working examples to demonstrate the art of the possible. But its always that way when in hindsight the answer becomes 'obvious'. Ppl say, 'why didnt I think of that'

Originally Posted by freebeard
Electric boats work, even underwater. I believe the Schwimmwagen had a push-button lubrication system.
I couldnt say, sounds typically German though. No slight intended

Originally Posted by freebeard
Frank Lee — Wouldn't take much of a car to out-perform it on land either. It wouldn't be built for pulling water skiers.
you have to think who the potential client is, for if there isnt one the things 'sunk'. The obvious is the military for recon, but surely not the only one. Much military stuff is actually quite speed limited.
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