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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
I can debate either side of the question.

The extant examples include the Molt Taylor Aerocar. IIRC the detachable driveshaft to the pusher prop had a trick shot-filled clutch to inhibit phugoidal vibrations.

You can't just strap an airframe to the roof of a Pinto, that proved fatal. A different architecture is required:
quite right
likewise for thrust dependent multi engine 'flight' Moller skycar and others, thats delayed suicide. For we say of twin engine aircraft they're twice as likely to have engine failure. And where the second engine just takes you to the crash site

the safest form of flight we have uses wings
The issue is how to make the wing fit the car analogy, and as we discovered might be necessary with the amphibian above, make the car fit the wing analogy. Success in equal parts


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