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Originally Posted by ar5boosted View Post
I discovered that pre-heating the water made a big difference. Water viscosity is very important.
Interesting. It's more usual to see claims that a colder water would lead to higher improvements, even though a higher temperature would lead to an easier vaporising of the gasoline and decrease pumping losses due to a slight decrease on the dynamic compression.

I got the car from around 400km/tank to 650km/tank (40l) so I was somewhat happy but nothing that would really impress anyone on this forum much.
How would you say that 62.5% improvement wouldn't impress anyone?

If there was an open source fuel-economy ECU project that anyone knew of I'd be interested in hearing about it. I think I'm getting ready for a fuel-injector remap computer because I suspect that there are a few deficiencies with the logic in most ECU's especially in relationship to thermal management.
Have you never heard about those programmable ECUs such as FuelTech? Even though they're more focused on performance applications, there are some folks doing some interesting efficiency-oriented projects with them.

I'm setting about to rear-mount turbo-charge this car. We'll see what happens then.
The only downside with a rear-mounted turbo is the increase on turbo-lag, but it doesn't seem totally bad since it allows the compressed air charge to decrease its temperature naturally a little before it reaches the intake manifold, mostly avoiding the need for an intercooler.
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