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How to Accelerate?

This is something that i have posted about a few times and find my self very conflicted. I have seen the advice from Wayne to accel slowly and then once up to speed and your are ready to Fas the to pulse at higher lod to get back to your target speed. The higher lod during pulsing i don't have a problem with.

I have a 2000 Honda civic hatchback that is almost gutted on the interior i have a carbon kevlar hood so my weight is def below average civics, and its 5spd, my tires are at 70psi and lastly the car has a full lower grille block which is on the inside of the grille which im not sure is causing problems or not? Right now according to my scangauge I am doing 60.3 MPG for the tank which is awesome, but for some reason i feel like I can do better.

So how should we accelerate, what rpm,lod and Tps ? For me i try to do about 65-76 lod but that is only like 25-30 at most on Tps , thats when I pulse after fas'ing.
What about when we are coming from a stop or just getting up to your speed where you want to start fas'ing?

Not sure if I am leaving something about but I drive slowly up to speed and its working but have seen some people with different results contray to what i am doing???

so whats the concensus??? Let the Great Debate Begin


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