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OK. Got a set of 6 modules tested and here are the results. Each module was at 6.97 V. Charged them as a 6S set at 49.02V /8.17 V per module. Tested each half of module at 4.08 V each. Put in a total of 3036W so, divided up that's 61.707 Ahr per module @ 49.2V. If we had gone to 50.4 full charge, the total capacity would be right around 63Ahr/ module, right at what I was saying all along. These are as good as new modules.

I have not ever received bad feedback on any battery modules, Chevy Volt or Nissan Leaf that I sold.

Still have the 24S group of Leaf modules available as a whole or by the module. Also the 6-7 loose modules.
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