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kill switch

Originally Posted by kurzer View Post
thats what i did twice. the first attempt was a Daihatsu Move. Manuell ignition kill switch. restart when clutch and throttle are pressed the same time.

second attempt is my Hyundai Santamo. The kill switch is now right hand operation and cuts the injection. And it is self holding. Way better, for engine braking, as deep down as you want. a little slower at restart. i countered this witch a hypersensible throttle switch.

the simple kill switch alone makes about 90% of the trick in my case.
Hello Kurzer,
I'd like to install a kill switch too. Today I stop the engine while driving by switching ignition off by turning the key for two seconds. Not a safe way. It happend that in a situation of heavy traffic I forgot to switch it on again and wondered why the engine won't start again. The other point is that everytime the ignition is off the light goes off too.
Imagine someone is behind you and once a minute his light goes off for 2 or 3 seconds. Even more trouble if the Police realizes that. Until now I was lucky but one day ...

The reason why I didn't install this kill switch (or better said ignition off pushbutton) is that I have no idea which cable I have to cut. To mount a relay and a switch isn't a problem for me.

As my car has a manual gear it's rather easy to start the engine again as far as the car is still rolling or just by key after long stops at the traffic light.
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