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Originally Posted by bbjsw10 View Post
A engine-braking situation normally shuts off the injectors on its own, "Deceleration Fuel Cutoff" leaving key on and coasting down that hill in 5th or 4th would kill injectors. I could be wrong but I know most fuel injected cars do this. Mine does and it is a 91 Metro I am sure a Honda would be the same a little more advanced than my car is.
My 1999 Honda CRV coasts right into 'Fuel Cutoff' when I take my foot off the gas on a good hill (while in 4th or 5th gear).
The Scangauge2 starts displaying 9999.9 MPG.

If I'm coasting down a smaller hill and engine braking is just too much,
Or, I feel the need for speed!! Just shifting into neutral and
letting the engine idle nets me around 50 to 70 MPG while coasting at 30-40 MPH..

Coasting while in Fuel-cutoff is super simple and can be done without doing any wiring..

That SC2 is a great little device for showing how much gas you are wasting going up hills too fast.
I've been using it with the Cruise Control for highway driving.
When I see the display dropping down around 20 MPG going up a hill,
I back off with the CC down button. On the down hill part, I use the
CC up button to apply more speed until I see the MPG hit a peak,
or until I hit the safe speed limit.

I love good long hills where I can hit 65 MPH while getting 40 to 70 MPG..


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