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Thanks for the interesting facts. I'll dig into them a bit more as I check things off my list. (I've got a few obligations at present. Then I'll be more seriously looking at building this car.)

On the cooling, I talked with BGW about the Delivery kit and they told me to keep the stock cooling as it simply works the best. Then add a duct(s) in the delivery side wall to force air into the engine cavity. This is basically what you are telling me as well. Its also basically the same as stock with the rear engine cover slots.

So then I asked him about putting the air inlets inside the rear fenders as beetles are known to have a scooping effect from them. (The scooping effect is bad for the cars aero as it causes rear lift.) He claimed that they should work in concept. But there's additional problems to deal with like water/snow splashing the air inlets on a daily driver. But I'm thinking about hotrod louvers in both rear fenders venting into the engine compartment. I'm also thinking about adding a stainless screen on the inside wall of those louvers. That way the scooping effect is utilized for engine cooling, and I wouldn't have to cut on the rear fenders, or add scoops in the Delivery shell. It would keep the exterior as smooth and stock looking as possible. Plus the concept of adding a diffuser would benefit the fender louver vents since the diffuser would further separate the air in the fenders from the air under the car. Or at least that is my initial thoughts.

Oh and I don't like chrome on engines, its too hard to keep clean!

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