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little jona - '91 Dodge D 250 first gen cummins LE
Team Streamliner
90 day: 23.4 mpg (US)

Little Jona airo modded - '91 Dodge RAM 3/4 TON D 250 24 AUTO
Team Cummins
90 day: 18.5 mpg (US)

The Salted Hound Jenny. - '87 Dodge Ram 50/D-50 5sp 4X4
90 day: 20.24 mpg (US)

Jona Allison aero - '91 Dodge Ram D-250 Le
90 day: 21.86 mpg (US)
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Budget: nasa nsa and dod budgets combined
Purpose : as close to an all in 1 as I can muster
Wood truck(capable of 3000lbs and 1core of wood space under the cap), rally car, commuter, Bonneville top speed and road corce. Seat 4 comfortably.
Mpge ??
Mpg diesel 50+ empty . Loaded to gross 20mpg.

I would start with a mid 90's to curent GMC 1 ton 4x4 cab and Chassis wrecker equipped ( this means heavier frame and fish plated renforfed typically crew cab longwheel base . )there is a turm for it I dont remember it .... the reason for the chasie would be to correctly support the Cummins Engine in a low stance capable of working just as hard as any flatbed pickup truck out there. Providing a market for the pices parts of the total design. It would also be capable of Bonneville runs and SCCA National Solo Road Corce, Dreem Big Chisel Down To Reality, Pikes Peek . Front would be kept torsion bar, but have a robotic servo adjusting the pre load /ride height at each corner separately. This would be controlled by an on bord super computer . 3 axis G Froce compensating ride hight and camber, aka it leans into the corner like a Sprint Car on a high bank clay track. The spindles would be custom HMMWV type portal hub with a Hi- lo planetary reduction to tuck the suspension up inside the bodywork. She would be able to hike her skirt up for more groung clearance/suspension travle. in inclement weather . Theas would be powered by Tesla type 400 hp drive system.
Now repeat for the rear as a inline series hybrid callable of all Diesel' all battery electric, genset/ electric and battery/Diesel. Classes . The engine would be controled in ways that would take pages/books to wright. But the short and sweet. A multi fule ,like a old duce and a hafe. Each cylinder would be independently VGT turbocharged( with brushless dc charger/assistance seeTurbo as a charger?) and controled electric engine valves for infinite valve timing /compression . Basically 6 separate engines with a common crank. The connecting rods would be a computer controled variable length reducing pumping losses to 0 for cylinder deactivation and alowing for the sweet sopt to always be right there nomater what fuel is used.
The power plant could be isolated, upgraded as technology becomes able or eliminated all together when.... we figure out how to support the new electric demand that the rapid increase electric only cars as the vast majority of this power comes from oil/natral gas or nuclear power plants ,coal is phasing out. . We need that next step in the direction Nicole Tesla was playing with," abundant powerc , thats when human kind gets to level up so to speek. Why is Alchemy not cost effective? It takes to much power. Making it cost more than the return. Think of what we could do.

With the advint of the Li glass Batteries ability to sustain charging at real cold below 0f . Even more important super fast charge capacity were 1 step closer to a battery that is faster than a capacitor , and holds more with a larger operating temperature range.

The cab would seat 4full size adults I'm 6'3" 200lbs as a reference be a carben nano tube reinforced carbon fiber safty tub full cage for when things go hay wire pushing the envelop at Bonneville were talking 200+mpg. streetable well manored.

body shape
Think templet ish with a huge Bonneville spoiler, that will be the back of the flat bed and diffuser between the tires. The back would open like my curent toper to alow 5th wheel attachment the cap would Russian doll to the profile of the trailer and adjust for turning eliminating the trailer truck gap . Or act as a fairing for a bumper pull.

. Could use an electromagneticly controlable fabric to make the shape and since money is no object supercomputers can be on board to control. Based on real time. laser scans of the particulates in the air to get the ultimate aero shape at any speed or cross wind . The hole skin could be this stuff and be incorporated into tbe suspension controls to apply down force were needed and only as much as is needed.

Back to reality
The shape would be held out off the cage in a carbin fiber energy absorbing geodetic Matrix reminiscent of the ,think rubin is racing or everyone has a bad day at the track and I want to walk away from it ,or the ID 10 T key holders on the road. Similer to

Well have I described a Picasso?
O well I've forgotten the ear.
A picture is worth a thousand words , wish I was a better artist. Theas things dont exist yet just have to be paciant and let technology kechup. With a helpfull poke every now and again .
Ejoy the mind candy.
Dream Big Chisel Down To Reality
1st gen cummins 91.5 dodge d250 ,HX35W/12/6 QSV
ehxsost manafulld wrap, Aero Tonto
best tank: distance 649gps mi 24.04 mpg 27.011usg
Best mpg : 31.32mpg 100mi 3.193 USG 5/2/20

'83 GMC S-15 Jimmy 2door 2wd O/D auto 3.73R&P
'79 Chevy K20 4X4 350ci 400hp msd custom th400 /np205. 7.5-new 14mpg modded befor modding was a thing
87' Hyundai Excel
83 ranger w/87 2.9 L FI2wd auto 18mpg on the floor
04 Mitsubishi Gallant 2.4L auto 26mpg
06 Subaru Forrester XT(WRX PACKAGE) MT AWD Turbocharged 18 plying dirty best of 26mpg@70mph
95Chevy Blazer 4x4 auto 14-18mpg
04 Chevy Blazer 4x4 auto 16-22mpg

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