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Primer is still paint!
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Oh wow I like the beetle oven!

I hear you on the lack of accomplishment today. But here's the thing. I found a cheap local '60 split window panel bus that I've been keeping an eye on. But even its cheap price is a bit more than I have in cash. I'm half tempted to buy it instead of a beetle delivery since its got real value. Where as a beetle delivery (to use a Samba term) b*stard won't have any real value by comparison. (giggles to himself...)

I like the beetle a bit more. But the van is a different kind of cool. Its lowered with a 1600DP with twin carbs, 009 dist, etc. Its rougher condition, but runs and drives. Also some meathead put a couple house windows in the side of it. However I can fix that abomination and swap it back to stock. But ultimately its cool enough to make it very considerable, if you can visualize the dilemma.
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