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SVOboy, it was your post that i had read and had seen a few other people have the same results. which keeps me thinking but also the frugal person i am i don't want to go out and waste gas.

I am wondering if from the more rapid acceleration what my values on my scangauge should be, as in should i accelerate at 75 on the tps or with say 75 on lod? i know its different for everyone and one prob is i don't drive my car really at all during the week since i try to bkie everywhere i go locally.

My tires...well from people such as wayne and others one here and and from my research 70psi really isn't that crazy, especially from the research i had done on what it really takes to blow up a tire.

If you want better mileage, longer tread life, and a better handling car keep your tires psi high. Start at max sidewall psi and go up in small increments till about 70 some people have done more but thats where im at right now.
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