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Originally Posted by ScottyWarpNine View Post
I'm building up your controller right now and I have a few stupid questions:

1. In the BOM you list a fancy circular capacitor. I've never seen anything like that before now. Is there any reason why I couldn't just use some big electrolytics?

2. I know the pic code has been evolving, but has the ATtiny code for the DC-DC converters still the same as in the github library you linked to in the instructable?

3. I'm on the fence about buying a Pickit 2 or 3. Would either work? Which would you recommend? 3 is a bit more expensive.

Thanks for the help! I picked up a 1hp motor and I hope to put it in a dirtbike frame soon.
I will take a shot at answering the questions (so Paul can correct me):

1 - you can use electrolytics or any other type of capacitors you like. The ring capacitor has some interesting specs. The only one that I remember is Low ESR (equivalent series resistance). And since it has many contacts on the positive and negative plates, it somehow minimizes the noise induced by the carrier frequency. Something about minimal enclosed area? But other capacitors will work. Perhaps not quite the performance, but they will work. I have taken apart industrial controllers from several vendors. NONE of them use these ring capacitors.

2 - I didn't see the code in the instructable. But I know that this code has not changed for quite a while. There was no update (that Paul mentioned)
between the original Cougar controller, the IGBT DC Controller and the AC Controller. I would guess that code is the same. I think I have the hex file in my archives somewhere .. I can send you a copy if I locate it.

3 - I bought the PicKit 3. It is newer and has current libraries for more of the PIC family. It is also what Paul is using, so this should minimize the problems. Paul favors an older version of the C compilers .. and I have some problems building his new code. MPLab X is a re-write from scratch of the IDE, sort of a fork of a different series of IDE that Microchip purchased/is using ... I likely messed up that story. But it is not much like the older version.

Paul has been pretty busy lately - hopefully he is still checking the group
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