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I agree to focus on driving techniques

I came across this thread googling mods for a 2017 Cruze. I also recently (4 days ago) bought a Cruze hatchback LT and this thread looked recent enough to throw an opinion in.

I am new to hypermiling... I read a lot of how to articles. I attempted to follow the techniques using the built in MPG estimator with my Cruze on a 600 mile round trip from Atlanta to the mountains in NC. I drove a lot on the interstate. Some in stop and go style traffic, and a lot in hilly or uneven terrain; and a couple of hours in heavy rain. With absolutely no mods and little experience trying to push my car to the limits for MPG I was able to push the Cruze to decent numbers. The in dash display showed 49.4 MPG and the fuel stop to fuel stop math put it at 47.2 MPG. I had stretches where the last 25 MPG average (according to the built in gauge) approached 60 mpg. I made a game of it.

That game did bring me here though... Only to see that a scan gauge was recommended because there aren't many mods for new cars here. That's disappointing because it seems the only thing I can do is inflate the tires a bit more and continue to work on my own techniques. One question though, how superior is a SG to the built in MPG tools in some of the newer cars like mine??

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