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Thanks Doax :-)

Well, the last run was only 72 Mpg...which was horribly lower than I expected. We have been through a couple of trials... The last time, the CBF125 (EFI) went off the reservation and was pouring gas in at 10:1. We are bolting in the Ninja 250 this week, and expect it to run much more reasonably (Hyperrocket @160mpg?). As we are so aerodynamic (about .089), and lightweight (About 355 Lbs), we should be able to get the numbers right on up to something respectable pretty quick.

The Geek topped out at about 69 Mph the last run...and averaged 60 mph for 107 miles, I think... 69 was interesting, but 60 is really fun. It is really nimble now that we have got the front geometry settled down (Runs close to neutral). It was "Interesting", trying to hold it when we first started road work with too much toe!!

I'm 6'4" and 210lbs, and it's really comfortable for me inside. I don't want to ramble... It has a Facebook Page (Alien Vehicles) that you can checkout (And like/follow, please?) to see what we are doing day to day! :-)
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