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Bridgestone Potenza RE92s at 60 PSI, 1 of them got shredded.

Yesterday I noticed one of my tires wasn't driving smooth. Like, it felt like a flat spot. I assumed a rock or something got stuck in the tread and was pushing funny, because there'd be a small bump bump bump as I rolled along.

Today I start on my way to work, feel it again, and stopped the car and checked. The driver's side front tire was kinda warped in one spot I'd never seen anything like it before. I figured, "Okay, I'll just get to work and order two new ones, and hope this one lasts a day or two before I get them."

Yeah that didn't pan out, the tire failed on the highway at about 55 mph on the way to work. I replaced it on the side of the road with the donut tire, but I noticed the tire never actually popped. Instead, a patch of the tread was ripped off where the deformation was.

Could this be caused by overinflation or old age? I don't know the age of the tires but I can check. I had all 4 at 60 PSI for about 1500 miles. I think I'll go back down, unless y'all think this had nothing to do with PSI. Tires might have been manufactured in 2010.
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