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The real question here is do you have fun hypermiling? Is it fun to try to get the highest MPG possible?

If the answer is yes go G1 Insight.

The G1 is an interesting car because it's very unique. Drive one to a parking lot at a strip mall and look around. The G1 Insight will be:
- Rarest car
- Only aluminum car
- Lightest car
- Smallest car
- Best fuel economy
- Most aerodynamic

There's a couple exceptions where you know if there's a Ferrari it's going to be more rare or in some dimensions a Smart Car is smaller, or if there's a Honda NSX in the lot then that car is also aluminum, but overall you're going to win all of those 6 categories at least 95% of the time.

G3 Prius is all right. Handling is kinda bad and it can't accelerate worth a damn, but it's safe and reliable and economical. But a G2 Insight handles better and does almost the same MPG and costs much less compared to a G3 Prius with the same miles. G3 Prius is a little nicer inside than a G2 Insight unless maybe you get an EX trim G2. Anyway if you look at the G3 Prius also have a look for G2 Insights you can probably get a better deal.

G1 Insight of course is smaller than the other two cars and can't carry as much. If you need the utility then get one of the bigger cars. But, and I've driven a G2 Prius, G3 Prius, and I own a G2 Insight, hands down the G1 Insight is the most fun to drive. The other three cars are boring.
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