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Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
Cold air intakes improve power but decrease fuel economy. Performance tunes increase power but decrease fuel economy. In fact, most things that increase power will decrease economy, because you're going to have your throttle plate less open, creating more vacuum and thus higher losses.

You want - warm air intake, lean tune that will reduce power out of boost but improve economy

EDIT: You might look for some light weight rims, that can help with both acceleration and (city) economy. Low rolling resistance tires also help with both acceleration and economy, though often at the expense of either grip on dry roads (where you need it least anyway), or tire life.

How about an engine kill switch? Other proven under-the-hood modifications include power steering, A/C and alternator deletes.
WARNING: Incoherent swearword deleted incoming.

Why wouldn't you want a performance tune that could be detuned right out at the click of a button? Entirely hypothetical, but if I perf tuned a car I'd want to be able to have a button that ramped out the tune once I was actually up to speed.
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