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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
If you're electrolizing with DC, then H2 and O2 should come off different electrodes, making separation fairly simple.
Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
The hho people use interlocking plates like a lead acid battery to get a lot of opposing plate surface are really close to each other. The H and the O come out pretty much on top of each other.
Yes, I read that the H2 will collect at the cathode (-), and oxygen will collect at the anode (+), so it's the anode (+) side where the oxygen needs to be discarded from.

Ok. So I'd need to make sure that the plates are air-tight sealed. I think that's not normally the case (the cells in the smaller electrolysers -the Ice blocks- might be air-tight sealed, but these contain many plates). The biggest electrolysers (101 plate electrolysers) have 101 plates (in a single "cell" ?) So it's probably not possible to seperate these off ?

Can someone look into this ? The 101 plate electrolysers have pdf's with schematics over at the pwm3g page.

Either one will do I guess; if I were to use ice blocks, I'll just need a lot more of them; the ice blocks can make 1 liter of gas per minute @12 amps, but I seem to understand it can make up to 5 lpm when boosting it to 25 amps ? Anyway, at 1 lpm, I'd thus need 10 to 15 ice blocks to replace a 101 plate electrolyser (that would increase cost a lot -840$ x 15 = 12600$ compared to 3000$ for the 101 plate electrolyser-), if it can make 5 lpm, cost would be 4200$. The latter's still seems reasonable.

I'd need to attain 3 lpm to match the Bauercomp compressor, 0,4 lpm to match the BRCfuelmaker, 1,4 lpm to match the Coltri MCH5, and 3,6 - 15,5 lpm to match the CORKEN.

So we'll need just 1 electrolyser, but several compressors.

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