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Originally Posted by seifrob View Post
as you have not filled in your location, I assumed you live in the U.S. Therefore I used Oregon average prices for fuel and kilowatt-hours : here and here. If you were so kind and let us know you live in the E.U., situation would be different.
Yes, I live in the EU.

Originally Posted by seifrob View Post
have you read provided sources? Have you read my post properly? You need about 65 kWh to produce 1 kg of compressed hydrogen by electrolysis, and that amount of hydrogen equals roughly to 3 liters of petrol in contained energy.
I accounted for these losses, in my post (at the end) I wrote:
"so if you were to have say just 50% efficiency, you'd still have 1,766 euro"

33,41 kWh in hydrogen = 65 kWh required in electricity = 51,5% efficiency
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