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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
The distance you will get from 1L of hydrogen is around 10 up to 15 miles.
Electric vehicles get between 2 to 5 miles per KwH.
I know which one I would pick.
10 to 15 miles (16 - 24 km) using a 1l hydrogen tank at what kind of pressure ?

Taking my previous calculations:
a 3 gallon CNG tank at 250 bar (which is going to be my standard tank unit) would be able to contain 11,35 kWh or hence 96 % of the energy in a 1 liter gasoline tank.

This 11,35 liter (=3 gallon) tank will bring me, at a fuel consumption of 6 liter gasoline/100 km, 16 km.
Calculation: (100/6) x 0,96 =16

Electric vehicles will obviously bring you much further, since you can pack in more batteries into the vehicle (they're smaller for a same amount of energy stored). But what if you already have a small vehicle around that uses an internal combustion engine ? Are you going to get rid of that engine and swap it for an electric motor + batteries, and spend that much money on it ? I won't. I just want to use that existing engine and run it on hydrogen then.

Seifrob mentioned fuel cells but I don't intent to use that. Rather I would just use an internal combustion engine. There will obviously be range limitations to this approach, but for city driving it would be sufficient. I guess the only remark you could make against this is that why one would need a motorised vehicle for such small distances (i.e. one could also use a bike) ? But I still think it's better then using a gasoline-powered vehicle for the same purpose.

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