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Originally Posted by smallscaleH2 View Post
10 to 15 miles (16 - 24 km) using a 1l hydrogen tank at what kind of pressure ?

Taking my previous calculations:
a 3 gallon CNG tank at 250 bar (which is going to be my standard tank unit) would be able to contain 11,35 kWh or hence 96 % of the energy in a 1 liter gasoline tank.

This 11,35 liter (=3 gallon) tank will bring me, at a fuel consumption of 6 liter gasoline/100 km, 16 km.
Calculation: (100/6) x 0,96 =16
16km is 9.94 miles.

A Ford Energi pack (C-Max or Fusion) from the junkyard will get you 20-25 miles of range and costs $800-950. The round trip efficiency from wall electricity to moving down the road will be about 6x what you're trying to do with creating burning hydrogen.

And if you only use half for 10-12.5 miles range, it weighs around the same as your H2 tank.

And you are much less likely to explode.
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