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Originally Posted by samwichse View Post
A Ford Energi pack (C-Max or Fusion) from the junkyard will get you 20-25 miles of range and costs $800-950.

And you are much less likely to explode.
I agree that if you would need just a battery, it would be cheaper. But you can't convert an internal combustion engine with just a battery, you need an electric engine then too. These generally cost thousands of $. Another issue is that not everyone has the skills and tools to do the conversion themselves (disconnecting and then lifting out an internal combustion engine requires a lot of costly tools, and skills). With the hydrogen conversion, you avoid all that.

Regarding the risk of explosion: using the proposed bubbler, spark arrester and lower tank pressure, safety is already limited (compared to H2 vehicles at 700 bar). To make it even safer, I was thinking you could actually mount the H2 tanks on your roof (using a roof rack, you could even cover it if you want slightly improved aerodynamics, and improve the esthetics -so as not to have it look like the Ghostbusters car-). This roof mounting should be safer than having the tanks in your trunk (as with regular CNG vehicles).
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