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HHO-only Diesel car

Originally Posted by RedDevil View Post
If you compress hydrogen like generated with your own electrolyser and you cannot guarantee that no oxygen will seep in along with it then you run a very high risk.
If you compress straight Brown's gas (yes 'HHO') then it goes beyond being a risk. Lethal detonation is a certainty.
After what RedDevil said about HHO (see above), it got me thinking: if it's so explosive, even at relatively low compression, wouldn't it be a good fuel for Diesel vehicles (again, only for city use, not for long-distance driving). Like hydrogen, it's a completely clean fuel, so I'd like to use it for this.

At present, it's mostly tested when mixed with a fossil fuel (gasoline or Diesel), but a quick search revealed that some people have indeed used it as a single fuel (not mixed).

Range is going to be far worse than with hydrogen (since that's compressed), and an HHO electrolyser would need to be fed by a battery (and water tank).
So, like battery-electric vehicles, it would be limited to what energy you can store in the batteries, and conversion efficiency is even far worse (less than half of battery-electric vehicles since we'll be using an internal combustion engine). The upside though is that the conversion would not cost much and is easy to do (if you already have a Diesel engine-powered vehicle). Also, this conversion can be done with Diesel-engine vehicles, whereas hydrogen conversions would only be possible with gasoline-powered vehicles.

So, anyone here at ecomodder knows whether this will work, and does anyone also know the correct air/fuel mixture to use for HHO(-only) ?

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