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Originally Posted by samwichse View Post
LOL running an engine off uncompressed HHO as the sole fuel!!!
Range: 0.3 miles.
How did you calculate the 0,3 miles ?

Also, I do mean to use an on-demand system, so the idea isn't to store the HHO in a tank (uncompressed). Rather the energy comes from a battery that generates uncompressed HHO (on-demand) from a water tank -via an HHO electrolyser obviously-.

So, if you use a same battery as you would use in an electric car, you'd get about half the range of the electric car (well that's the theory at least, in practice, the voltages of those electric car battery packs will be higher than what you need for the electrolyser, so you'll need to use a different battery). But still, I do think you'll get acceptable range (at least for city use).

But to be sure, we'd have to calculate it out.
From hydrogen I know the energy in it is 0,003 kWh/l @1 bar (so uncompressed)
From Brown's gas, I have no gasoline gallon equivalent (kWh/l) information, so I can't calculate it.

Also, for the air/fuel ratio, I'm equally lost. Hydrogen has a ratio of 34.3:1

I'm assuming the air/fuel ratio needed for Brown's gas should be even higher, as I'm assuming it's much more energetic (I once heard it was 4x more energetic). This would then mean you could drive further with it (if you inject it in this proper ratio).

How do you calculate the amount of liters of fuel you need btw per liter of engine (so say for a 1 l engine, or hence a 4 cylinder, 0,25l per cylinder), using a known air/fuel ratio (say 14.7:1 for gasoline) ?

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