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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
Autospeed report reduced stability with the McLaren-style wheel spat.

Better overall, or specifically with the wheel spats?

May we see this?
The 1992-98 McLaren F1 had intentional 'lift' designed in.It was only to be driven by veteran race drivers and had straight-line speed advantage.
A long-tail version of the F1 was also raced and it produced downforce as a concession to speed.
The Kamm-designed 1953 Cunningham C-5RK couldn't be matched for speed at the 1953 24-Hours of LeMans.It led the entire field on the first lap but it didn't necessarily handle the best through the curves and didn't finish the race.
Stability is a quirky subject,with lots of conditions and caveats.
Today,all super-high-performance cars are 'computer-controlled' with active aerodynamics engineered in to balance speed vs stability.
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