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OMGz the wires!

Next up we need to take care of the electrical wiring. In this example, you would wire 2 TEGs in series, and 18 of them in parallel. It'll look something like this. Yep, its a bit messy, but really its nothing compared to an EV with BMS wires haha.

Controlling the heat!

Beyond this, if we've done things right, we'll also need some way to control the generator. We can't just hook it up to the battery and let'r rip. Its possible that the generator could overcharge the battery. We also need to stop the TEGs from discharging the battery when they aren't producing power. If you put power through a TEG, it will create heat on one side, and cool on the other. While this is neat, its not really what we're looking to do.
Therefore, we need a charge controller of some sort. This could be as simple as a switch if you want to keep things extremely simple. You'll also want a voltmeter to monitor things if you go that way. However, a much better idea is a purpose made charge controller. Something that is made for a solar panel or wind turbine would be what we're looking for. It will protect the battery from overcharging and from discharging as well. The charge controller will have to handle the max amps of this setup of 15A. Here is a cheap example of what I'm talking about. I just searched amazon real quickly and found one.

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