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Originally Posted by serialk11r View Post
320C is not enough, I would not want to take chances with roasting them. Even the muffler on my car easily melts some mineral wool insulation and fiberglass.

What you want is this one:

I also would use a boost converter to extract maximum power from the units.
That may very well be true. We wouldn't know without testing. Tecteg does have what they call a 'hybrid' TEG that is good for 360C / 680F. It is actually a bit cheaper than the TEG I selected at $3.18/watt vs the one I selected which is $4.67/watt. I didn't go with it because it is 56mm vs the 40mm I wanted, and it also required 3 in series vs 2 or 4 which is a bit more ideal for the pipe setup I wanted to go with. Certainly doable though, and probably for a bit less cashola.

If 360C still isn't good enough they do have higher temp TEGs similar to the ones you linked. They have TEGs that will withstand temperatures of 850C / 1562F. The price is an order of magnitude more outrageous than the two listed above though. We're talking several hundred to over $1k for ONE TEG that produces only a few watts.
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