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The expensive electric superchargers that use an aluminum compressor housing (like the traditional exhaust driven stuff) do work. I'm not talking $200 plastic fan kits, I'm talking $2000.. not cheap but they work. I know somebody who makes 50 extra horsepower with one, and it is tied into the gas pedal so use is progressive and seamless. No buttons to press, no jerkiness.

The Roadkill episode where they use gas powered leaf blowers to supercharge a Monza is available on youtube. It did make more power than without the blowers. Ah somebody already posted it.

IMO would be interesting to tune one of the e-superchragers to negate pumping losses, see what that does to fuel economy. Try to minimize or eliminate partial throttle vacuum.. no positive boost. Would love to see the data. I asked my buddy to try to tune his to behave like this, but I guess he is too busy enjoying his extra 50hp.
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