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Well, I got a little time in the afternoon to play in the garage after going to fetch more sheet metal from the supply store. I got the beginnings of the LH and RH pockets fabricated where the front fenders bolt to the firewall.

At the moment, they are held in place with right angle magnets. I'll weld them on this coming weekend.

You may be wondering what these pockets are for. They ensure that where the fenders bolt on are on the exterior of the car. They also need to be big enough for my big hands to get to the bolts to tighten them. The firewall area has three different zones that must be isolated from each other: engine area, interior space and cowl ventilation space. These must be sealed from each other if I am to ride with the windows up and top up without gassing myself with engine fumes, or drenching my legs under the dash with rain water. On this project the Prius Denso A/C unit is actually in front of the Firebird firewall so things get a little convoluted in there!

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