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Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
Apparently, they are developing them and have been for a few years (though not TEG, it seems). Check this out:
2014 Formula One exhaust energy recovery system explained | Electric Vehicle News
No that's different, the current F1 engine are what are called turbocompounding, where the turbo's excess turbine power is used to generate electricity. The turbine power comes from the excess pressure in the cylinders that is otherwise wasted.

TEGs are what would be called combined cycle, where the waste heat is used to generate power. A more efficient way to do this is BMW's Turbosteamer, which uses a heat exchanger and a separate steam turbine loop. The TEG's beauty is that it is solid state and tiny.

It would be neat if F1 cars started tacking those onto the exhaust, although they probably wouldn't be worth their weight/mass. Maybe it would work if they could be somehow set into the heads so the coolant system doesn't need additional components.
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