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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
I just have to stay that you seem to have no effing clue what the middle of nowhere is. I mean, eight thousand people? A Safeway, a WalMart, hardware stores. Heck, I bet it even has traffic lights :-)

Now if you want some places on the edge of nowhere, try Ravendale, California, population 36. Or Jarbidge, Nevada, 20 miles from a paved road.
I just have to say you have no effing clue what the middle of nowhere is:

Light years from the nearest carbon-based life form.

Did they leave his ship? Not having remote control seems like a galactic oversight. Batman has remote control!

I kind of feel bad creating threads and not checking on them, but the car repair one was the most important, and I have not seen responses.

Every time I think I have found all of the job openings I find another. Page may be a great opportunity, but all things being equal, I would rather not move, and Mom keeps telling me there are huge lonely drives across reservations without cell phone coverage.

I endured twelve months in Afghanistan. I will do nine in Page if I do not find something closer.

I will try to respond to everyone's replies, when I have time.
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