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TheEnemy! Thanks for responding! Yes! That looks just like my fuse box! I tried to figure out how to test the box, but I did not find anything. I might just purchase a cheap relay, get rid of everything but the terminals, but there must be a cheaper method.

I connected the test wire from the battery to the fan and it ran, but the wires were crazy warm, and the next time I tried to use them they seemed to be dead. I reconnected the fan to the battery and it did not start. 22 Gauge:

These still work, they are 20 gauge:

I finally picked up the last part to fix my Accord (and hopefully have turn signals again!), but there is a big hole in it. The Civic finally held pressure once bypassed the heater core and topped off with distilled water. I wanted to see if at least it would maintain its fluids. I drove over twenty miles and everything was fine, but suddenly she started overheating. I got off the freeway, parked, popped the hood, and topped off half an hour later before driving slower to my client's house.

The radiator fan never turned on.

I do not feel I have time to try to figure out Chorizo's electrical problems, so I took it to a Pep Boys near me.

They said the fan ran perfectly and they ran it for over an hour, but she never overheated. They said they did not fix anything, so they will not charge me, which is nice.

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