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Daox, I have seen SLPA jobs that start above $40k at a school, with benefits and summers off. SLP jobs start at $60k.

I can make that work.

Freebeard, how is the fire department?

The VA is supposed to take care of the down payment, but it would still be a while before I could purchase a house. At least nine months?

TheEnemy, I read someting about people in Downtown Page having, on average, a commute shorter than 99% of Americans.

I imagine that the rest of the town still has a shorter commute. How long can it be within seventeen square miles?

JockoT, they have Ford and Toyota dealerships. Were I to stay I just might go Toyota.

Seifrob, personally this sounds a bit like Cars. Supposedly, Radiator Springs is in Arizona, but I am no Lightning McQueen.

I am not Michael J. Fox or Nicholas Cage, either.

Darcane, I really just wanted to hear everyone's experience in a small town. I always enjoy visiting Mom, but it is a larger town, among several other towns, closer to a larger town.

Redpoint, a Bishop once told us young men that, before we married anyone, we took them hiking, got them bumped, bruised, cold, dripped on, etc., and if they spoke a word of complaint, dump them.

I once went hiking with a girlfriend and her family. It was cold and damp and I loved it.

That still does not make sense to me.

Oh well.

Freebeard, this is at least the second time you have posted about me using the forums to talk about my life. I do not know if everyone else makes decisions on their own, actually has friends to discuss things, or what, but I have never made friends easily.

I do not know if it would be easier or more difficult among 7,300 people.

Unfortunately, my memory only seems to go back two days, which is horrible, although TheEnemy did respond to my heater core thread. Thanks TheEnemy!

Natalya, that is Billy Crystal's character Miracle Max. He used the phrase "Mostly dead" and I made a meme about how I feel after running.

Here is his scene in "The Princess Bride:"

I am thirty-eight.
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