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Originally Posted by TheEnemy View Post
So that last run you were freeway speeds when it overheated.

I don't trust what Pep Boys told you, I haven't had much luck with their work in the past. Did you see the fan running? You said it had more than one, AC and it stayed cool with the AC on?
They replaced the timing belt on my Forester and a week later the engine suddenly ran roughly. They said I needed a valve lash and wanted $125 to replace the spark plugs and wires. I changed the plugs and wires in their parking lot and came home to ask the fine members on here what they thought.

The car drove worse after they messed with it.

I ended up going to a different Pep Boys, having their store manager look at my car, and he told me to go back and make sure the belt did not slip a tooth.

They said the tensioner broke, but it was under warranty.

If they tell you you need a repair and they are wrong, do they say "My bad?"

The clutch went out on my Civic when I was trying to leave town and my insurance took it to a third Pep Boys. They did a good job, but something was still strange about the experience.

22 gauge is way too small, its best to use 16ga for the fan
Like these? All that I saw at O'Reily were the two sets I bought, although Fry's electronics has tons of them, but I had a horrible time finding ones for my multimeter.

I'm still thinking fan, could still be thermostat (sticking), slow leak only under pressure, weak cap, or even a bad pump, I saw one that would work for a little, then quit for a little. Is there any smoke coming out of the tailpipe, have someone follow you, and what color is it if it is.
I will do that when I can.

After doing a bit of research it seems that the most likely culprit is actually the head gasket is starting to fail, it has been talked about in a few forums as starting off with what you are experiencing.
I hope not! However, the engine has low compression, and rebuilding seems to replace the head gasket and do the rest of the work, but I would rather find an HX with fewer miles, or purchase a... Prius...

I was supposed to drive to Page, AZ to check out a job offer there, but I really did not want to. Instead, I walked to Pep Boys, picked up my car, drove thirty miles (in a much smaller loop, never 20+ miles from home), and she never started overheating, but it was almost nice out. I nearly enjoyed the walk. I think it was 86 when I left.

Still, I think the fan should have been on, but it was not.

I have spent as much time as possible trying to find another speech job down here that has more hours. Almost everyone says that if you can start the fan by providing direct power and by putting a paperclip in the switch, you need to replace the switch. This guy diagnoses the switch itself with wiring he bought from a junkyard for $6. I couldn't find the plug itself anywhere and it was late Friday afternoon, so I would not be able to try to find one until Monday. I was tempted to purchase one from O'Reilly or Autozone, but those do not always work, but if it is good and the fan still does not work, then I can return it.

How do I know it works, but something else is wrong?

I searched for the part number and a discount dealership popped up. Majestic charged a little less, but with shipping, it was not much less than my nearest dealership. I called and they said they would have a shipment this morning, so I placed an order on-line, but didn't wait for them to fill my order, just said I ordered on-line, and asked if they had it.

It requires a 24mm socket, deeper than normal, so I bought one, and the fan still did not turn on. Not when I turned on the air conditioning, and not when the water started boiling out of the radiator.

I am pretty sure the fan should come on

It wasn't like this guy:

There was steam coming out and everything.

New Honda 180 thermostat, switch, and relay. Do you know what? i will put in a new fuse just for good measure. It is adding up, but still less than one hour of labor.

When the radiator was boiling, the radiator fan connector was only putting out .01v, so the O'Reilly guy said to unwrap the wire bundle and find the short. The guy from the other O'Reilly kept trying to sell me a fan.

Well, I had planned on waking up in less than four hours and driving 530 miles. We will see how that works out.

Fun. It is actually further than that...

Thank you very much for your input! Have a great day!
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