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no nickname , it's just a car - '04 volkswagen golf tdi
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eoc many times no drama in a geo metro with no PS

i used EO coasting quite a bit with a 5sp geo metro to see what max speed would get to on a very long decent
on route 84 west bound from connecticut just a wee bit east of the tacanic parkway

i could test aerodynamic improvements and UNimprovements along with rolling resistance from various tire types size s used the GPS for speed as the speedo value would change with tire size changes

terminal speeds were around 65 to 70mph depending on weather i was testing an unimprovement or an improvement

i did

it was never any real drama
a 1996 geo metro with a 5sp and no power steering .
not much different than regular driving

i do not do EOC with the TDi .... yet anyway
with the TDi i do coast in nuetral engine at idle AC on every time i drive the car
without fail
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