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Originally Posted by rmay635703 View Post
Most serious companies won't even take
Pre orders,

For a long time Toyota had a ban on factory orders requiring you to take what was on the lot.
Tesla does not have a dealer network like most car companies have. So there is no lot to pick cars from. Also, Tesla is very much in development. While backed by the billions of its founder and several big companies, it is ever in demand of more funding to grow.

Teslas are in high demand too; the resale value exceeds the list price substantially, at least here in Holland. In such a market a pre-order is an asset.

Big companies do not shy away from pre-orders if the conditions are right.
One of my friends has a brother who bought one of the first Mercedes SLK Roadsters on pre-order. Drove it for one day, then resold it at a handsome profit; as planned...
The conditions were right for Mercedes then, and Tesla now.
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