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Good news everyone! I cracked my radiator!

I bypassed the fan with those 22g wires and the fan ran.
I jumped the switch (with a paperclip) and the fan ran.
I have replaced the thermostat, switch, and relay with new Honda parts. I have 12v into the relay box.

I did not understand how the switch worked, the cable supplies power, when the switch reaches temperature, it closes the loop, and the fan is supposed to run, so the second O'Reilly guy was wrong, the cable is fine.

Well, maybe.

I idled my car in the driveway for twenty minutes and checked the switch pins, thinking it was supposed to supply power, even though I should have realized that was not how it worked. I went to do an update and realized I should try again, but this time check for resistance, except when I came back there was a small puddle under my car and a crack in the seam at the top of the radiator. I do not know if it was there before, if there was too much pressure, it would have released from the heater core.

I turned off the engine, but kept the system on, and was about to short the cable, but thought to plug it in. Earlier today I just put in the clip and thought I would drive that way until I could figure it out, but knew I could do better. However, as I worked with it, I heard clicking.

That would be the relay.

I could not make it happen, so I tried my fateful experiment and attempted to accomplish the many vital tasks I need to complete before moving five hours away.

When I plugged in the cable, the cooling fan ran for just a moment. I pulled on it until the fan ran for several seconds, then unplugged it and used the paperclip.

Why would the wiring work with the paperclip, but only with the switch when pulled?

I am not excited about the crack in my radiator. It only released a fine mist.

For now.
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