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Intro post.


New to this forum, not to forums.

I've spent a couple hours reading up on some things here, and felt I needed to make a profile.

I have plenty of history in auto related things, from my Auto Tech degree from UNOH, to working in dealerships, salvage, and even some performance, areas.

I didn't really get into the EV/hybrid stuff when I was in college, even though I had it all available to me. I even worked for Toyota, and took part in servicing the hybrid vehicles, from PDI's to TSB's/recalls.

Now I've learned to appreciate them, maybe my mentality has changed... it's been awhile.

I won't write a novel, but now I want to build cool things... with amps.

Anyways, thank you for the info thus far, and hopefully I'll be a contributing member in the future.

- Dan / DJ / Wimbo / ... whatever you want to call me.
(djwimbo is my handle on most of the public forums I partake in)

Peace & Love

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