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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
Push-ups? Kids these days - WE used to have to do squat-thrusts :-(
I was lucky if they only had me do squat thrusts! Our Drill Sergeant used to tell us he would take us into the woods and shoot us with machine guns, but there would be too much [expletive] paperwork!

When I learned to spill fuel, there was a Sergeant that thought it was cool to say "Forty five!" with a very deep voice.


Forty-five what?

Forty-five squat thrusts. Just for his own entertainment.

One time he had staff duty and we heard "Third floor, by the water fountain, forty-five!"

Redpoint, right, but how many of those applications cost money? All of them take time, so all of them cost some money. I do not know if there is any difference except actually having experience, but I contacted as many places two years ago and only heard back from a handful. but this time twelve talked to me about working for their company (and a couple more let me know they did not have any openings).

ASU says "The average GPA of the class entering in 2016 was 3.55. Average GRE score was 302."

My GPA was 2.92 and my GRE score is zero.

I really need to take it one of these days!
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