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Thank you!

I'm quite looking forward to working on some projects in the future.

No garage for now, so nothing major until that changes. Apartment life sucks for that.

End goal would be to have a small "sporty" car that's converted to full EV & parks in a solar powered garage.

Ideal to me would be a classic Mini, but that's decently pricey rolling chassis to get into.
Probably start with something cheap and easily sourced parts, ... like an older Forester, Civic, etc.

I work in auto salvage (not here to promote the company I work for), I have access to stupid amounts of lead-acid batteries. Not that I want to run those, but I have a virtual unlimited quantity available to me for a very reasonable cost. I'm thinking this would be a good source for bench testing and such, and maybe proof of concept, but not a final power source due to density, etc.
This also means that I have access to hybrid driveline parts. Which brings me to how I got here ... We have like 5x IMA motors and at least one MGR(Toyota) diff/motor, in our warehouse. I want to use the MGR to make a test mule/golf-cart/utility-vehicle.
I figure if I can make a "small scale" system that I like with the MGR-based system, then I can talk myself into doing something like the YASA+Gearbox deal, and get into some real power potential.

... I guess they're all pipe dreams for now, but I hate seeing neat things go to waste, and that includes my brain.
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