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Originally Posted by cRiPpLe_rOoStEr View Post
Not having a garage sucks, but there is other problem in apartment life: not being able to get a larger dog.

Since it's going to require some custom fabrication anyway, why not eventually building a Mini replica out of fiberglass?
I am looking forward to having the space for a pupper. We had to get an exception made for us for the cats at this apartment.
For now, I/we have two cats, if you're into that sorta thing, you can check them out on Instagram @18livesofganda (G & A, for Georgie & Albert)

Mini-Replica is more likely the route that project will take.
... and by that, I mean I'd be expecting to cut most of the floor out and replace it with a DIY ladder-frame. Not sure if I'd make it FWD, RWD, or AWD, yet ... I guess that depends on the budget when I get there. I'm biased to RWD, but I've had all the car-based options in my lifetime(I say that because I have only ever had 2WD trucks).
I'd be all for a track-able caged setup too, but that would push it out of some of the other criterion that I'd like it meet for an around town car.

Also, I plan to take a welding certification course before attempting this. Fortunately there's a place right down the road from me that does that stuff. Not that I can't weld, I just know I'm not a certified welder, and I don't like questioning my own abilities on safety matters.

Originally Posted by Stubby79 View Post
Miata's are pretty common, light and sporty. Not that I have any bias, or anything!
100% agree!
My roommate helped me get into AutoX during college, he downsized(unintentionally) from a C5 Corvette to a 90 Miata w/ a 2554 Turbo kit on it(Flyin Miata kit IIRC).
... that wasn't enough, so he ended up building an L33 (Alum block 5.3L) for it. I guess it was pretty stout, but I never got to drive it with the V8.

That thing was definitely a fun toy, it actually fit me better than it fit him.
I'm 185-195lb @ 6ft, he's more of a body builder frame, and 190-225lb @ 5'10"

Originally Posted by JockoT View Post
Welcome. By a classic mini I assume you mean

Correctamundo on that one!

Always loved those little things, and will eventually get one for my own.
The couple I've seen, or worked on, around here were of the Austin variety. I haven't had the opportunity to find the differences between the originals and what I believe was a Mexican-manufactured vehicle(VIN said it was a 1997 for the one I worked on).

Thank you all for being so welcoming!

I probably won't be posting often, but I'll do my best to search before posting.
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