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Originally Posted by Magician View Post
I'm going to go look at a 2008 Prius with 313,000 miles on it in the morning. They are asking 2,900 and claim it is very clean inside and out. I may buy it if all check out right. I'll try to get at least a few hundred dollars off... the car is for my wife, but I'll still get to drive it occasionally.
the HV battery condition?
theres every chance the battery will still be good, however

car should be able to be turned on and not immediately fire up the engine. Sitting at idle it ought run about half the time or less.
Then look at the fuel mileage on the computer and see that it performs like cars in the EP guides. If its only like 37 mpg (US) its probably screwed

Also ask when the 12v battery was last replaced, or look at its tag. That also contributes to high mileage when its going down. This because if the system detects its not holding charge it will start the engine to recharge it.

Everything else about these cars is just like any other, sans look for the presence of LRR tires. Also have a look at steering joints, tire wear, shockers etc. Even a bad wheel alignment can destroy fuel economy, as it does with anything else.

lastly, good luck ...

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