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Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
Honda's latest hybrids do just this, but with extremely efficient gas engines - that's how the Accord hybrid works, and the soon-to-market clarity. By just using the engine as a generator, with a battery as a buffer, you can always run it at its most efficient RPM and load, giving it practically diesel efficiency due to leaving the throttle plate wide open and running Atkinson cycle.

However, the engineers also realized there are certain circumstances where the engine would deliver better economy if directly connected to the wheels, since there are conversion losses when going room mechanical to electrical, then back to mechanical energy. So, Honda also put in a light weight fixed single-speed clutched gear, allowing direct drive when the car is at the right speeds.

Reviewers were seeing in excess of 80mpg in lower speed driving conditions.
I think the Accord hybrid is one of the few cars that can at times get better MPG than the plug-in Prius. Granted, that's only at 30mph, but it's still pretty good.
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