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It's all about Diesel
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Originally Posted by S Keith View Post
The Prius is a fantastically reliable car. It is also substantially more complex than ICE-only with multiple EXPENSIVE additional failure points. If you're okay with additional potential failures that will either involve thousands of dollars in repairs or several hundred dollars and a lot of hard work, then a used Prius is a good idea.
Since I consider long-term reliability and ease of maintenance, those expensive failure points are what lead me quite uncomfortable with the idea of a high-mileage Prius. And its high-voltage system is not exactly something for beginners to deal with.

Originally Posted by mwebb View Post
as a flagrant heretic to the religion of
i question why bother ?

the VW TDi with PD with standard transmission is much better overall at everything than a prius

and the TDi will easily run away from a prius on the road any road
the prius reminds me of my dad's rambler station wagon from the 60s
with an additional a heavy dose of " pathetic to drive "

what is the attraction ?

You know, many people don't want to shift gears by their own anymore, and Diesel is pointed out as "dirty" despite the adaptability of them to run on pure vegetable oils which are even more efficient than ethanol.
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