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The brake pedal is evil
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Originally Posted by SNOWMI View Post
yep. Mechanic was wondering how I went so far on my brake pads once, there were literally no life to them. Well, my braking distance didn't ever increase because I never have to brake hard and no one should. I hate the many people who don't coast at all who slam the brakes at 100 some feet before stop sign at 55+ mph I am thinking 'is he/she going to stop?' (Iv'e seen many in winter blow the stop sign because of speed and not allow extra distance to start slowing and I who doesn't have the stop sign stop in time for them watching their scared and surprised(that I stopped) faces as they slide by)
I'm in a similar boat. I had a stuck brake but because it happened when I don't drive often, I didn't notice it. It still got good fuel economy and unless I was going breakneck speeds around twisty mountain roads, I could still stop fast enough with an overheated disk.
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