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Originally Posted by roflwaffle View Post
For superchargers at least, the charging rate mostly depends on the battery size and it's state of charge. 10 minutes should get ~60 miles of range, and 25 minutes get ~120 miles of range. The more you charge, the slower you charge.

In that case, an EV wouldn't work for you. But... I think you could do ~10-20 minutes of charging per hour of driving with enough superchargers along you're route.
I'll admit I had the Chevy Bolt in mind when I posted the miles per minute of charge comment, which has a much lower power charging infrastructure and lower peak charge acceptance capability. It tapers the charge around 70% SoC. EVGo is the dominant CSS charger, and that is priced by the half-hour. In a Bolt, you would want to run as close to 0% SoC as possible, and then DCFC for 30 or 60 minutes. It appears that 45 kW is the peak rate that people are seeing for their Bolts.

I would likely take my Prius on trips to Medford or Coos Bay. Perhaps I would take an EV if I wasn't in a hurry, and fudged my time card to not include time spent charging.

Originally Posted by JockoT View Post
One of the solutions to make range anxiety when driving an electric vehicle a thing of the past and alleviate the need for large and expensive batteries, is inductive charging on the go.
This is way too expensive, and will never become a "thing". We can't even get the potholes fixed in our road, let alone embed coils of expensive copper wiring in them. We're more likely to have overhead wires similar to how bumper cars get electricity than inductive charging.

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