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Originally Posted by Archangl7 View Post
I do see that they are back in stock, but now my concern is that ihave not heard from them at all since i requested contact. I would also need a complete parts list so i can calculate the total cost for me. The boards dont seem too expensive, but i need to know what im really getting into, and if i really need the full compliment of those parts. The first project i want to build, will probably require half of what its capable of.
Oh - maybe it was someone else that Paul sent the board to? He told me that a board was on the way to the guy who emailed him ... strange.

You can leave out several MOSFETs and it will still work OK. They are kind of expensive and there are many of them. The Heat sink that the MOSFETs are clamped to takes a bit of metal working, drilling and tapping, the insulated tape to allow heat to get to the heat sink but still have it electrically isolated .. the tape is not expensive but I think you buy it by the roll?

The gates, drivers, and other logic are not expensive. Many of them have several devices on a single chip. I guess you can leave them out if you want to.

I found my rev C zip file with the .sch file, gerber, etc and a separate pdf with the part list. I can't post it here since it is too big. If you want you can PM me and I'll email it to you.

The board uses through-hole parts and the soldering is a bit difficult for a beginner but OK for an intermediate. There are a couple of things that need to be done in the correct order so that things fit and can be soldered without other stuff interfering.

I bought a 500 amp DC kit from someone who gave up on their electric conversion, along with a charger and a few other parts. The soldering was not very good and I ended up re-soldering almost every connection that I could reach. Unfortunately the CPU had a cold solder on the RX serial pin that I missed, and it caused me trouble. When I figured it out and went to fix the solder, I left the soldering iron on the pin too long and I cooked the RX pin. So the CPU could send me data but not receive any configs. I did use it for some testing a few times with the settings that it had ... and then during a test I overheated the controller and blew up most of the MOSFETs.

So I know the instructions work OK. And the design has been built by several people. I don't know how many controllers are running cars, but Adam updated his PC based monitoring software to Win 7 a while ago ... so they are out there!

Did that help at all? The controller hardware works, the design works, the software works. I can send you the parts list and the schematic files. But I can't give you a list of the stuff you can leave out when assembling it and still have it run.
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