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Originally Posted by vskid3 View Post
...tell their wife that they can go out to a toasty car in the winter and cool car in the summer without using any gas, and that car will be sitting in their driveway.
If you told them that, you would be lying. Heating and cooling take power, and lots of it*. That power has to come from somewhere, whether it's fossil fuels, nuclear power, or your rooftop solar panels. That's not even considering what it'd do to your range.

Perhaps a century of living with the IC engine and its loads of waste heat has blinded people to this, but drive your Insight down a long mountain road in winter, and you'll learn :-)

*Unless the car is very well insulated, and the ones I've seen don't look like they have even R-13 insulation, which is way low for house construction.
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